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“Alex helped to make the revamping of our website a smooth and painless process. He spotted and understood our areas of concern, quickly worked through these issues with the team until they were resolved, and got us to a point where we could edit and make the changes ourselves.” – Cait Molloy, Director


The staff at 500 Capp Street was having some difficulty using Wordpress to manage their content and keep their site up to date. After an initial audit, I determined that there were security vulnerabilities, incorrect template structures, plugin bloat, and out of date software, along with a lack of training and documentation. There were also budget and timeline concerns, so I would have to be judicious when deciding what needed immediate attention, and what could be deferred.

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1. Security and Backups

The first step in working with any existing site or codebase is fixing any immediately obvious security concerns, and then implementing backups or confirming the viability of existing backups. After doing this, I audited the site for unecessary plugins, removed them, and then updated the core Wordpress software and all remaining plugins.

2. Template Fixes

With the site backed up and secure, I proceeded with reimplemented the templates to correctly use Wordpress "post" and "page" content as intended. I also resolved a variety of minor structural and style issues.

3. Content Migration

Once the new templates were in place, and Wordpress was updated to the new Gutenberg editor, the content was ready to be migrated. It was enough content to justify writing a migration script, so I manually converted all the old content to the correct new types.

4. Documentation and Training

Finally, I created a series of video tutorials on how to accomplish specific tasks that will be important for the staff to manage their own content. I recommended this method rather than in-person training session, since the team will be able to revisit the tutorials as needed in the future. These tutorials include topics such as basic Wordpress usage, creating galleries, creating buttons, and more.

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The outcome of this was an updated, secure site and a staff trained how to use it. The changes made should help to keep this website functioning well, with regular minor maintenance, for the foreseeable future.

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