I have been making websites professionally for over 10 years, and have a wide variety of experience. As a developer at Cast Iron Coding in Portland, OR, I built sites for clients, and trained and supported them in their ongoing use. As the Web Editor and Electronic Communications Manager at UC Berkeley’s BAMPFA I coordinated with contractors, co-workers, and students to achieve complex strategic and technical communications goals.


I provide development, design, consultation and training services.

My technical proficiencies include: HTML, CSS/SCSS, JS (Vue, Vanilla, jQuery, whatever), PHP, UI design, and CMS implementation and maintenance (mostly Wordpress) and more.

Not sure what exactly what you need? I can work with you to determine what approach would be best for you, given your needs and goals.


Interested in hiring me for a project, or just want to talk about the internet? You can reach me via:


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