AHWD is the freelance web development practice of Alex Harris, located in Oakland, CA.


I have been making websites professionally for over 10 years, and have been working exclusively as a freelancer and consultant for the past 4. Before setting out on my own, I experienced both sides of the client/contractor relationship. As a developer at Cast Iron Coding in Portland, OR, I helped build sites for clients, then trained and supported them in their ongoing use. As the Web Editor and Electronic Communications Manager at UC Berkeley’s BAMPFA I hired and worked with contractors to achieve BAMPFA'S strategic and technical communications goals. These dual experiences helped me understand how to make compelling websites come to life and effectively serve my clients.


About Me

I grew up in Berkeley, CA, and have been making websites since AOL was mailing CDs to everyone. When I'm not making websites I also paint and wrote a book about birds.

About The Site

This site was built using the Eleventy static site generator and also uses Tailwind CSS. The logo uses the Socko font.